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    Photographer Bing Wright has found a creative way to capture the beautiful color palette of the evening sky, in his series titled Broken Mirror/Evening Sky.

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    Previous character sketches and page story board by Araki. You can find them in Jojoveller History Book.

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JJBA Typography Design stickers.I’ve put all my fav characters and stands in it ^//O//^

Where can I buy these?!



    JJBA Typography Design stickers.
    I’ve put all my fav characters and stands in it ^//O//^

    Where can I buy these?!

  5. stevencrewniverse:

    What is a “Distance Model”?

    When a character is seen in the distance, too much line complexity will create an over-complicated image. We drop detail to simulate the effect of seeing a character far away. If you’ve managed to notice this already, you’re not just seeing things- it’s quite intentional.

    Because the show is animated by hand, we prefer not to scale down a complicated drawing- it becomes unclear and messy. Instead we use a distance model, which is a simplified version of that character.

    Also they’re really cute.

    Lead Character Designer: Danny Hynes

    Character Designer: Colin Howard

    Color: Tiffany Ford

    Color Assist: Jasmin Lai

    Distance Guide: Ian Jones-Quartey

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    Early Samurai Champloo concept sketches of Mugen, Jin, FUU and random characters buy the incomparable KAZUTO NAKAZAWA ( Character Designer/animation supervisor). Joy. 

    omg I’ve never seen these

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    Back in bed, Keinyo White

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    creating our DIY save the date invitations was exhausting, but I’m extremely proud of how they turned out! Here’s a few pictures illustrating some of the steps. More information is on my Julia doodles Facebook page, including a short video of the cool embossing heat tool.

    Our wedding website with more lettering can be found here: brianlovesjulia.com


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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Tension by Nir Arieli

    Nir Arieli’s project ‘tension’ is a stunning series of dancers. Capturing their movements in several pictures, the New York based photographer pieces them to one single image by layering the different photographs.

    Searching for intriguing combinations he lets the viewer contemplate the various movements and newly formed abstractions, that the human eye can not normally see. 

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    A glorious fuck-ton of male anatomy references by jinx-star on DeviantArt.

    f*cking got this



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    Structure (2013-12-17)

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    How to, step-by-step, make expressions mean different things by changing just one facial feature at a time. *shrug* I’m not very good at explaining how I do expressions, I just…feel out what kinds of muscles seem to fit and tweak those. And sometimes, ever so slightly, little adjustments could mean the difference between fury and euphoria. 

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    traditional art by Hajime Sorayama